The Brian & Joe Radio Show

The Brian & Joe Radio Show

The Best Damn Radio Show Ever!


The Brian & Joe Radio Show was the realization of a dream for Brian Mueller and Joe Wessels, friends who had interned in radio and hoped to one day host a show of their own.

In 2005 the opportunity to host a summer program opened up WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati, a local public and educational radio station. Brian and Joe seized the opportunity, staying up all night before the first show recording their own introduction, bumpers, and public service announcements.

The Brian & Joe Radio Show gained an immediate following and developed significant traction within Cincinnati during the summer of 2005. Podcasting was a new phenomenon that also helped to grow the show’s audience. Many well-known community members and media figures joined Brian and Joe in the WAIF studio that summer to discuss a host of issues including community diversity, transportation, local history, and politics. The highlight of the first season of The Brian & Joe Radio Show was a public forum held at Kaldi’s Coffee House in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine neighborhood which was attended by 19 candidates for Cincinnati City Council and Mayor. It was a rousing success!

Alas the summer came to an end, and so too did the first edition of The Brian and Joe Radio Show. At that time Brian and Joe went their separate ways to pursue other endeavors for a couple of years until the opportunity to do another show once again presented itself.

The Brian & Joe Radio Show Logo

In 2009 Joe joined the board of directors at WVQC 95.7FM, a low-power radio station also in Cincinnati. WVQC was looking for additional content to broadcast, and so Joe approached Brian with the idea of reviving The Brian & Joe Radio Show. Though no longer living in Cincinnati, Brian embraced the idea. The first of the new episodes was published in November of 2009.

The development of new technologies including the Internet made recording shows over long distances much easier, and as such The Brian & Joe Radio Show was able to produce a wide variety of new programs with guests all over the country, and even in a couple of cases, the world. During the 2009-2010 run of The Brian & Joe Radio Show, several programs were produced on site in New Orleans, Louisiana, and in Fredericksburg, Texas. These are among some of the most popular episodes recorded.

Again, there came a time when producing The Brian & Joe Radio Show was no longer feasible. The final program was published in late October of 2010. Brian and Joe once more went their separate ways, but continue to be good friends and collaborators. They hope The Brian & Joe Radio Show lives on as an historically relevant educational program, as well as an entertaining example of the power of great radio.

Throughout its production, The Brian & Joe Radio Show was non-profit, broadcast on public radio, and made freely available for download. Many guests and contributors gave generously of their time and expertise. Brian and Joe solely funded the broadcast with some non-financial support from WAIF and WVQC. Producing the show required a great deal of time, effort, and commitment from the hosts. Both Brian and Joe recall their experience with the show fondly, even with all of the production challenges.

The Hosts

Brian Mueller

Brian Mueller is an independent graphic designer and technical consultant living in Dayton, Ohio. He enjoys being active in the community and loves to create through his writing and graphic work. He plans to soon publish a second book of poetry relating to his personal growth and development.

Joe Wessels is a staff member at CTI Mobilcomm and in his spare time a freelance journalist. Joe also resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is well-known within the city for his reporting as well as his community involvement. When Joe isn't busy with work or volunteering, he likes to take his scooter for a ride just about anywhere in town.

Joe Wessels
Brian & Joe on Air in Dec. 2010

Show Contributors

Throughout both runs of The Brian & Joe Radio Show, there were many guests and generous show contributors. While the full size and scope originally envisioned for the program may not have been realized, the quality and reach was greatly enhanced by contributions from the following individuals. We thank everyone who helped make The Brian & Joe Radio Show a success, and apologize in advance for any unintended omissions.

A special thank you to Julie Hollyday (Production assistant during 2005)


Sandra Ali
Judy Barrettt
Bill Barron
Marcia Battle
Jeff Berding
Peter Block
Eve Bolton
Chris Bortz
John Brecher
Mike Breen
Courtney Brooks
Jason Bruffy
Cathy Burkhardt
Carrie Caldwell
Vickie Carson
Laketa Cole
Kelly Connell
Donna Covrett
John Cranley
Katy Crossen
David Crowley
Jason Dapp
Troy Davis
Jean-Robert de Cavel
Bridget Doherty
Maggie Downs
Sid D'Souza
Roger Duncan
John Eby
Katie Finnigan
Michael Flynn
Jimmy Flynt
Thomas J. Fox
John Gardner
Leslie Ghiz
Jay Goodlett
Irwin Gratz
Sylvan Grisco
Rebekah Haire

Cynthia Hanifin
Samantha Herd
John Herscovici
Gareth Howell
Michael Hudson
Mary Huhn
Judge Leslie Isiah Gaines
Justin Jeffre
Christopher Kemp
Matthew R. Kerbel
Barry Kern
Blaine Kern
Steve Knox
Gregory Korte
Gerry Kraus
Mo Krochmal
Gary Krysztopik
Marcus Kuchle
Stephen Leeper
Kelley Long
J.D. Longnion
Rev. Damon Lynch, III
Joe Mallory
Mark Mallory
Sam Malone
C.A. Martin
Bob McCranie
Daylon McCreless
Jeff McElravy
Paul McGhee
Clint Minnick
Chris Monzel
Victoria Morgan
Thomas J. Moyer
Annie Miklavcic
Mike Napolitano
Krista Neher
Sandra Queen Noble
Steve Novotni

Mike Orlando
Anne Paris
David Pepper
Victor Phillips
James Pilcher
Laurie Potteiger
Amanda Pratt
Alicia Reece
Brewster Rhodes
Sasha Rionda
Susan Rodenberg
Tiana Rollinson
Shannon Ross
Monica Royal Roberts
Kristin Russo
Matt Ryan
Brian Saal
Michael Salvi
Frank Satullo
Rajiv Satyal
Jim Schifrin
Robin Schneider
Jane Schulte
Mariella Schulten
Warren Sippel
Russel Smith
Christopher Smitherman
Nick Spencer
Kenneth Starcher
Jeff Syroney
Jim Tarbell
Cecil Thomas
Chris Tomlin
Shedrick White
Robert Wilson
Charlie Winburn
George Witta
Wendell Young



Show Archive

The Brian & Joe Radio Show Archive contains 44 original radio programs, and 3 webisodes. All of these programs were recorded between 2005-2010. This archive is made available under the Creative Commons Shared Attribution license. The content of these programs is suitable for all audiences. Please feel free to use and distribute this audio for educational and entertainment purposes. If you have any questions about the content, please feel free to contact us.

Each of these episodes originally aired on either WAIF 88.3FM (2005) or WVQC 95.7FM (2009-2010).


CDs and additional show materials can be purchased for a small cost.